Genealogy of characters in Sense and Sensibility

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Ferrars and Dashwoods

Individuals who are dead by the end of the first chapter are parenthesized.

                   |            |           |
                 (Old Mr.       |           |
                 Dashwood)   (Sister)   (Brother)
                ELDEST SON                  |
  Mrs. Ferrars               (First === (Mr. Henry === Mrs. Dashwood
       |                      wife)  |   Dashwood)  |
       |                             |              |
   +---+--------+--------+           |         +----+---+---------+
   |            |        |          John       |        |         |
  Edward      Robert    Fanny === Dashwood   Elinor  Marianne  Margaret
 Ferrars     Ferrars           |
ELDEST SON                     |

Middletons and Steeles

Mrs. Jennings and the Steeles are cousins; as are Mrs. Dashwood and Sir John Middleton

               Mrs. Jennings
                     |                                      +------+
               +-----+------+                               |      |
               |            |                               |  Mr. Pratt
Thomas === Charlotte    Mary, Lady === Sir John             |
Palmer  |                Middleton  |  Middleton       +----+-------+
        |                           |                  |            |
        |               +---+---+---+               Anne "Nancy"   Lucy
        |               |   |   |   |                 Steele      Steele
       son          John, William, Annamaria,

Brandons, Willoughby, etc.

Individuals who have died before the main action of the novel are again parenthesized, while "~~~" indicates an illicit liason. Colonel Brandon's elder brother and the first Eliza Williams were divorced; she was a close relative of the Brandons. Mrs. Smith is Willoughby's cousin.

    (Old Mr. Brandon)
   |       |        |
Colonel  Sister  (Brother) === (Eliza  ~~~ "First
Brandon         ELDEST SON    Williams) |  Seducer"
                                      Eliza  ~~~   John   === Sophia Grey
                                     Williams | Willoughby

Note that the amount of money that Col. Brandon has charitably doled out for the upkeep of the younger Eliza Williams is actually probably much less than the amount of money which flowed into the Brandon family upon his elder brother's marriage with the elder Eliza Williams (and which Col. Brandon inherited after his father and brother died).

(Here I have assumed that the younger Eliza took her surname from her mother's maiden name, something which is not explicitly stated in the book, but which most of Jane Austen's original readers probably also would have assumed, in the absence of any more specific information.)

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