Genealogy of characters in Emma

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Characters whose names are in parentheses died before the period of the main action of the novel

Woodhouses and Knightleys

Mr. Henry Woodhouse === (Mrs. Woodhouse)
            +--------+-------+              +------------------+
            |                |              |                  |
            |                |              |                  |
     Emma Woodhouse      Isabella === John Knightley   George Knightley
                                   |                      ELDEST SON
                          |     |     |     |     |
                        Henry John  Bella George Emma

Westons and Churchills

                                   |               |
                                   |               |
Anne Taylor/ ===  Mr.  === (Miss Churchill)  Mr. Churchill === Mrs. Churchill
Mrs. Weston   |  Weston |                     of Enscombe
              |         |
            Anna     Frank Weston
           Weston     Churchill

Fairfaxes and Bateses, Campbells and Dixons

       Mrs. Bates
      |            |
 Hetty Bates  (Jane Bates) === (Lieut.       Colonel === Mrs. Campbell
                            |  Fairfax)     Campbell  |
                            |                         |
                       Jane Fairfax          Miss Campbell/ === Mr. Dixon
                                               Mrs. Dixon

Suckling, Hawkins, and Elton

                          |                   |
   Mr. Suckling === Selina Hawkins     Augusta Hawkins === Mr. Elton

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