Genealogy of characters in Mansfield Park

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Bertrams, Norrises, and Prices

Lady Bertram, Mrs. Price, and Mrs. Norris are sisters (Mrs. Norris is the eldest of the three, and Lady Bertram the youngest). The names of characters who have died before the period of the main action of Mansfield Park are put in parentheses.

                             |                                   |       |
     Sir Thomas === Maria, Lady Bertram   (Rev. Norris) === Mrs. Norris  |
Bertram, Baronet |      née Ward                                         |
                 |                                                       |
   +--------+----+---+------+                                            |
   |        |        |      |                                            |
  Tom    Edmund    Maria  Julia                                          |
 ELDEST                                                                  |
  SON                                          Lieut. Price === Mrs. Price
                                                             |     née
                                                             | Frances Ward
   |       |      |      |       |       |      |      |       |       |
William  FANNY  John  Richard  Susan  (Mary)   Sam    Tom   Charles  Betsy
                                                     These three born after
                                                    Fanny went to Mansfield

Crawfords and Grants

We are told that Admiral Crawford was the uncle of Mary and Henry, and that Mrs. Grant was the half-sister of Mary and Henry. (From the following passage from Chapter 3 it seems that they have a common mother, since Mrs. Grant "knows nothing" of Henry and Mary's father's brother: "As children, their sister had been always very fond of them; but, as her own marriage had been soon followed by the death of their common parent, which left them to the care of a brother of their father, of whom Mrs. Grant knew nothing, she had scarcely seen them since.") In the chart, "(M)" stands for a deceased male, and "(F)" for a deceased female.

                  |                                |
 (M) === (F) === (M)   (Mrs. Crawford) === Admiral Crawford ~~~ mistress
      |       |  
      |       +-------------------+------------------+
      |                           |                  |
Mrs. Grant === Dr. Grant     Mary Crawford     Henry Crawford

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