The Jane Austen Society: 1995 conference, "Revisiting Mansfield Park"

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The conference is now over; a program of the academic papers that were delivered at the conference is available. See also the 1996 JASNA conference

[The following were taken from postings on AUSTEN-L.]

Date: Sat, 2 Sep 1995 14:24:22 -0400
From: Joyce Bromley and Joseph Wiesenfarth

For Jane Austen enthusiasts:

The 1995 JASNA (i.e. Jane Austen Society of North America) Conference "Revisiting Mansfield Park" will allow you to return to the era of Jane Austen and experience in its fullness Mansfield Park. This year's conference, to be held in Madison, Wisconsin, October 5-8, 1995, is a well conceived program of lectures, readings, and other events that will make exploring Jane Austen's Mansfield Park a pleasure.

The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor's Club will be the center for "Revisiting Mansfield Park." We begin with breakfast on Friday morning, followed by the opening reception where the portrait of Jane Austen will be discussed. Christie's of New York will bring the portrait of Jane Austen to the conference where it will be displayed for the first time in North America. This particular portrait has been in the Austen family for generations.

Emily Auerbach will discuss Jane Austen in the context of Auerbach's program "The Courage to Write" and break-out sessions will follow. The Annual General Meetings will be held on Friday afternoon. When evening falls, we will again return to the ambiance of the Jane Austen period and Mansfield Park.

On Friday evening the Regency Fair will provide us with a wide variety of Jane Austen memorabilia. We cannot have an English fair without nuisances -- so kindly provide a few tuppence to the beggars and beware of the pickpockets. Those at the conference who enjoy wearing Jane Austen period costumes will feel very much at home.

Lovers' Vows the scandalous play that never reached fruition in Mansfield Park will be presented by the local chapter of Phi Beta (the Professional Fraternity for the Creative and Performing Arts).

By the time you retire for the evening you will be solidly in the Jane Austen and Mansfield Park milieu, and Friday is only the beginning.

On Saturday you will enjoy two break-out sessions and two plenary speakers. Middle-school and high-school students attending the conference may attend a writing workshop where they will work with the authors who will be speaking at the conference. Later that evening the authors at the conference will be available at the Authors' Signature Reception where you can have them sign their books. The Banquet completes the events for Saturday. At the Banquet, Amanda Root will present dramatic readings from Mansfield Park. You may recall that Amanda Root is the actress who played Anne Elliot in the BBC production of Persuasion.

You will not want to miss Sunday where you may attend a Jane Austen period church service. The Grace Episcopal Church is a national landmark and has an authentic Tiffany window. The Conference concludes with a brunch and our final plenary speaker.

Post-conference tours are available on Sunday afternoon and all-day tours on Monday.

An addition to the conference is a special showing of Persuasion at the Memorial Union Theatre, where the director Roger Michell and actress Amanda Root will be present to discuss the film.

Oh yes, one cannot think about a Jane Austen novel without someone moving to the Whist table. Throughout the conference a room will be available for whist playing. In each conference folder will be the playing rules for Whist. Over a table of Whist you will meet some of the most interesting JASNA members.

One last detail is the conference artist, who will be recording the conference in art. He will also be available at the Regency Fair for those who wish to have a portrait.

Two vendor rooms with books, period costumes, a silhouette artist, and a bookbinder will bring you even closer to Jane Austen's world.

Return to the world of Jane Austen in October and experience "Revisiting Mansfield Park." The plenary speakers are Jay Clayton, Claudia Johnson, and Marilynne Robinson. At the break-out sessions you may choose topics that included the social, political, literary, and artistic considerations of Mansfield Park. You need not be strictly an observer; each session has time reserved for discussion.

Registration for the conference is $295 for non-JASNA members and $245 for JASNA members. Your only other expense at the conference will be afternoon meals on Friday and Saturday. Of course, there will no doubt be something you cannot live without at the Regency Fair.

We look forward to welcoming you to "Revisiting Mansfield Park" in Madison, Wisconsin in October.

Joyce Bromley and Joseph Wiesenfarth
Co-conveners, 1995 JASNA Conference
Revisiting Mansfield Park

From: Joyce E. Bromley
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 1995 14:02:26 -0500
Subject: The Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) Annual Conference

Most of the papers from the conference will be published in the JASNA journal Persuasions but the journal is only available to members. I fear that some of those who enjoy the Austen internet information are not JASNA members and would enjoy information about the conference. Audio-cassettes of all of the sessions, on the other hand, are available to everyone, but they must be ordered.

[The apparent deadline for ordering these tapes was November 1st, 1995, so prices and ordering instructions have been removed.]

The Jane Austen Experience: "Revisiting Mansfield Park," the 1995 JASNA Conference

Complete your Jane Austen experience at home by watching "Revisiting Mansfield Park" Society, Lovers' Vows and listening to the session recordings. The George Suski Company, Hollywood, California, produced the tapes and the tapes were edited and prepared in his studio.

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