It has lately come to our attention that there is a general, and shocking, lack of respect for the amiable old gentleman known to us as Dear Mr. Woodhouse. We have heard scandalous tales of his lack of parenting skills. We have known him to be accused of undue fussiness and, even, selfishness! And we have lately learned that there is a popular opinion abroad in the neighbourhood that he is a hypochondriac.

This simply will not do. In the words of our President, "It is very unfair to judge of anybody's conduct, without an intimate knowledge of their situation."

We, the friends of Mr. Woodhouse, have therefore undertaken it, as our most sacred mission, to document
All Things Woodhouse. We believe that, upon a thorough perusal of the evidence, the gentle reader will be persuaded of the utter falsehood of these charges.

Trusting that you will be all attentiveness, as the pains of duty require, we remain, humbly,

Yours &tc,

Miss Emma Woodhouse, President
Miss Harriet Smith, President's Faithful Assistant


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