The Younger Sister
by Mrs. Catherine Hubback
(out of print)
Thomas Cautley Newby

        From After Jane by Jenny Scott, 3 August 2003
Mrs Hubback was Catherine Anne Austen, a niece of Jane Austen.  As has been said, she was familiar with Jane Austen's fragment.  Although she dedicates her book:
"In memory of her Aunt, The Late Jane Austen this work is affectionately inscribed by the Authoress who, though too young to have known her personally, was from childhood taught to esteem her virtues and admire her talents", 
she does not acknowledge that Jane Austen was the author of any part of her book.

Mrs Hubback continues the story as, it is alleged, Jane Austen had said.  Mr Watson dies and Emma and her sisters become dependent on their brother Robert.  Lord Osborne falls in love with and proposes to Emma and is refused.  Lady Osborne tries to persuade Mr Howard to marry her. There are differences in the names of some of the minor characters.  Mrs Blake is first referred to as Mrs Wells and Robert Watson's daughter, Jane Austen's Augusta, is first referred to by Mrs Hubback as Emma and then Marienne.   However, names were not Mrs Hubback's strong point.  For instance, her Mrs Wells later becomes Mrs Willis and The Robert Watson's child is first Emma, then Marienne later Janetta.

Mrs Hubback introduces many new characters and Emma has a number of adventures before her reputation is cleared and she marries Mr Howard.  There are very few copies of Mrs Hubback's book still extant.