Somehow Lengthened
Alice Cobbett

(out of print)
Ernest Benn Limited 

        From After Jane by Jenny Scott, 3 August 2003
In 1932, not long after Jane Austen's fragment was printed in full, Alice Cobbett wrote Somehow Lengthened.  This is described on the title page as 'A Development of Sanditon (Jane Austen's fragmentary last novel)'. 

Perhaps Alice Cobbett felt that she could not imitate Jane Austen's style and the material used in the completion would have seemed too different.  Whatever the reason, this book does not use Jane Austen's original text.  The first chapters have been rewritten.  The book includes some dialogue that could be considered inappropriate for the time in which the original fragment was set.  Some of the undertakings and adventures of the characters are more appropriate to a twentieth century light entertainment than to a Jane Austen novel. 

It is difficult to imagine that had the original author been able to complete her novel she would have included black slaves, abduction and direct dealings between her heroine and smugglers.  Her heroine would have been more closely chaperoned and is unlikely to have been involved in the sort of dramas which Alice Cobbett has written for Charlotte Heywood.