A Completion of Sanditon,
Jane Austen's Unfinished Novel
Juliette Shapiro
Sanditon by Shapiro
Paperback - 224 pages; (January 1, 2004)
Virtual Bookworm.com Publishing;  ISBN: 1589395034
       Written by Melanie Z (7/8/2006 3:34 p.m.)
I also read Shapiro`s continuation and in spite of the fact that I liked it (not as much as Shapiro`s "Excessively Diverted") and read it in just one sitting, I prefer the other version.
       Written by StephanieMarie (7/11/2006 11:34 a.m.)
I have all three, and they are my favorite attempt. I love reading her interpretation of Darcy's feelings as the story unfolds, and I love the characters and extra story lines that she has added. I feel like she did a good job keeping the characters as true to JA as she could.
       Written by Katy B (7/10/2006 11:23 p.m.)
I have read all three in this trilogy and I liked the 1st and the 3rd one. The second one was weird. However, the "mini-mystery" that Darcy gets involved in sets up some of his motivations for pursuing his love for Elizabeth. I found the series very plausible, over all.
        Written by Deborah d'Bajor (January 3, 2007 )
The same author has writen a completion of Sanditon which I read at about the same time and thought it wasn't bad either.