Suspense and Sensibility
by Carrie Bebris

Hardcover - 304 pages  
ISBN  0765305097
Forge Books (February 1, 2005)
St. Martin's Press (28 February 2005)
Tor Books (January 28, 2005)

        Review by Linda Waldemar, 5 January 2005
This is the second novel in the Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Mystery series. This time, as you can guess from the title, some of the characters come from Sense and Sensibility. We are told in the Author's Note that. although published in 1811, S&S is set in the 1790's. This story takes place in 1812 so the S&S characters are 15 years older than in the original story. Little Harry Dashwood, who inherited Norland, is now approaching his majority and is a man of fashion in London.

Mrs. Bennet engages the Darcys to host Kitty for the London season. Soon after arriving in Town, they are invited to a party at the Sir John Middleton's. There we meet Harry, who is a bit shallow and spends most of his time enjoying the social life with his friends John and William Middleton. True to character, Lady Middleton has been too indulgent with her children. The youngest of 8 is a poorly behaved 6-year old who makes a scene and embarrasses her mother.

Upon dancing with Miss Catherine Bennet, Mr. Harry Dashwood is smitten. The feeling is mutual and the two soon form a strong attachment. Unfortunately, things do not progress smoothly for the couple.

As the story goes forward, we meet Mrs. Fanny Dashwood (recently widowed), Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ferrars, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ferrars, Mrs. Marianne Brandon and her mother, Mrs. Dashwood. Although some of the appearances are brief, the characters greatly resemble their originals.

Professor Randolph, who played a prominent role is Ms. Bebris' previous novel, is present here, too. He necessarily becomes involved in the mystery that is caused by the supernatural.

I found the plot of this story to be a bit more predictable than its predecessor; the mystery less mysterious and the supernatural forces more far-fetched. However, this did not distract from the pleasure of the read. In fact, I found this to be a page turner. I think that if you enjoyed Pride and Prescience, you will like this book, too.

       Written by LynneRobson (2/10/2005 5:03 p.m.)
I have just finished reading the above and I must say that I am a tad disappointed I loved her first book. It is mainly about finding Kitty a husband. The Darcy's are asked by Mrs. Bennet to give Kitty a season in London along with Georgiana. She meets Henry Dashwood the son of Fanny Dashwood. It has a good plot but I felt really sad at the end of the book. Again we have the supernatural involved and the Professor from the Pride and Prescience. What I did like about the end was Lizzy informing Darcy of their expected child.

       Written by Kathleen Glancy (2/10/2005 6:39 p.m.)
And would be better if the author, who has the great merit of being lively and amusing (I am not quite sure about the supernatural element and would like to see her try to do without it next time) did not write in American idioms and knew a little more about English social history. In her first book she has a woman initiate a divorce, which could not be done and the man she was supposedly divorcing would in any event have been hanged shortly after the book ends - in this one she appears not to be aware that a man could not be ordained until he was 25 years old. Looking older didn't count. And she refers to Darcy's mother Lady Anne Darcy as Mrs Darcy - I know Andrew Davies made the same mistake but that is not an excuse. I still rate it as better than many recent efforts

        Written by Tara O'Donnell (3/25/2005 2:17 p.m.)
I just finished the second Mr.& Mrs. Darcy mystery, Suspense & Sensibility by Carrie Bebris and enjoyed it as much as I did Pride & Prescience. The story centers around Kitty Bennet and Harry Dashwood (son of Mr. John Dashwood from S&S). Harry seems like a nice fellow at first but after finding a mysterious mirror and a portrait of Sir Francis Dashwood, a notorious ancestor (Sir Francis was a real person but his connection here is the author's invention), he goes thru a swift change in character that may be supernatural. Elinor Ferrars does play a part in this story, along with Lucy, Sir John Middleton, Fanny Dashwood and Marianne. No Mrs. Jennings, I'm afraid but Margaret does get a mention. Elinor and Elizabeth hit it right off (not to mention, Elinor slips in a few good lines of wit that endear her to Lizzy). I liked the way the characters were developed and even tho the mystery part of the story was easy to figure out, the plot was engaging. I do recommend this book wholeheartedly,and look forward to the next-according to Carrie Bebris's website,the title will be North by Northanger:-D!

      Review by Lynne Robson June 23, 2005
I must say that I really enjoyed this book as Sense and Sensibility is one of my favourite JA books next to Pride and Prejudice. It starts with Darcy and Elizabeth taking on the responsibility of finding a husband for her younger sister Kitty by sponsoring a season for her. In London Kitty meets Harry Dashwood the now handsome young owner of Norland. True love does not run smooth for all of a sudden Harry starts to change behaving out of character and getting involved in disreputable gatherings and questionable contacts. Kitty is heartbroken that the man she new has changed to drastically.

SPOILERS follow.
It is a sad story in many ways as Harry eventually loses everything due to a evil mirror. Darcy and the professor eventually break the spell and Harry becomes a parson at one of the Pemberley livings.

I must say that I felt rather sorry for poor Harry and sad that he loses everything, but then again I am happy that Elizabeth and Darcy help the young couple by giving him the living. Eleanor and her husband are also in the story along with other characters from Sense and Sensibility. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and am now looking forward to her new book North by Northanger.