Such A Girl
A Novel
Karen V. Siplin
Such A Girl
Paperback - 320 pages; (March 13, 2004)
Atria; ISBN: 0743475542

          Written by Linda Waldemar 23 July 2003
This update of Persuasion proves that Jane Austen's stories and characters can translate to any time and situation. This is a modern retelling of <i>Persuasion</i> set in New York City in the 21st Century.

Jack and Kendall were madly in love when they were college students. Ken's friends felt that Jack was a loser; would never amount to anything so she was  persuaded to break up with him.

Nine years later, two of the three friends plus Kendall, are still spinning their wheels and getting nowhere. Jack, on the other hand, has become a very successful brewer.

When Jack comes to New York City on business, he stays at the hotel where Kendall is a telephone operator. They, unavoidably, run into one another and fight the feelings that still remain. Jack also becomes friendly with the friends who caused the rejection nine years ago. It appears that he has re-entered their lives in order to gloat; to flaunt his success.

There are the normal misunderstandings and jealousies and lingering pain from their breakup, but true love wins out in the end.

I enjoyed this book which is a light and quick read. Give it a try.

        Comment from Mary Dill, 27 July 2004
A decent piece of brain candy.  The setup is similair in that an old boyfriend the heroine dumped turns up in her life.  It was a fine book to borrow from the library.