Virtue and Vanity
Continuing story of
Desire and Duty

Ted and Marilyn Bader
Paperback - 210 pages; (November 1, 2000)
  Revive Publishing ;  ISBN:  0965429946

        Written by Kathleen Glancy (May 17, 2007 )
For the sake of your blood pressure, I entreat you not to read their sequel to the sequel, Virtue and Vanity, which is actually much worse (IMO) than D&D, beginning with the mysterious disappearance of 100,000 in cash and property and proceeding to introduce some seriously confused Frenchmen calling Englishmen Englanders (which is German, of course) and themselves Frenchies, which is what the British called the French when not calling them Frogs, not what the French called themsleves. Not to mention another claim that they used authentic language. Yes, I am sure we have all noticed Jane Austen's frequent use of the word "worrywart".