Presumption : An Entertainment :
A Sequel to Pride and Prejudice
by Julia Barrett

Paperback - 238 pages Reprint edition (October 1995) 
Univ of Chicago Pr (Trd); ISBN: 0226038130
Hardcover - 240 pages ( 8 July, 1994) 
Michael O'Mara; ISBN: 1854799541
Hardcover - 240 pages ( 8 July, 1994) 
Michael O'Mara; ISBN: 0226038130

        Posted by Lea on September 16, 1996 at 12:33:45:
Here is a quote from "Presumption: An Entertainment" by Julia Barrett that will say much to devoted readers/viewers of Austen: "Her (Elizabeth's) miseries she kept well hidden. Darcy, she was determined, would see none of her tears. She would make her own way in his household and in his country, and if she wept she would do so alone."

As someone who has been constantly rereading Austen since discovering P&P ten years ago, I can't
see Lizzie in her room crying.  But I still need to finish the book before I pass final judgement.

        Posted by eva on September 17, 1996 at 14:02:36:
Johanna, let me just say that...disappointment will be inevitable :-( i could barely sit through Presumption, the language was too simplistic and there didn't seem to be any further interesting development of our beloved characters (fyi the plot crisis was borrowed directly from JA's life!)
        Posted by Johanna on October 02, 1996 at 12:52:44:
Heads up to any who may contemplate reading this little terror of a sequel:  Don't bother.  Jane Austen is probably, as my Mother would say, spinning in her grave.  I won't bore you with details, but can you imagine C de B saying "I'll superintend your repose."?? Or Charlotte Collins exclaiming how "wretched" she is to G Darcy?  Or yet again reminded how arrogant Darcy can be perceived? In Chapter 32, no less. It didn't take long to read, but those few hours could have been better spent. Oh well, live and learn, I will have to reread P&P to erase this horrible picture of Regency Peyton Place!!!
        Response by Inko  Jan  9, 1997 (21:12)
I also read "Presumption" by Julia Barrett. It's not great, but better than Tennant's books and definitely more readable.
        Response by amy2  Jan 10, 1997 (15:48)
I bought PRESUMPTION and literally couldn't make it through 10 ppg. Appalling.

      Response by Ann2 Mar 10, 1997 (12:47)
Dare I say that if you must read something after P&P, Presumption was not all that bad. Though it concentrates on Georgiana and has very little to tell about Darcy and Lizzy (from what I remember).
         Posted by Cassia on 17:01:59 7/17/97
I liked this book the first time I read it. Yes, the authors did get the style right but by focusing on Georgiana , so close to D & E's wedding I think they did themselves an ill: I never believed that Georgiana, an heiress in her own right, would have been that much of a husband hunter. Especially as she doesn't have parents to pressure her and her brother took so long to marry. I did like Caroline Bingley's fate, even though I tend to feel a little sorry for her.
        Posted by Derek on June 06, 1997 at 04:30:10:
Presumption was OK but ....... The problem is how do you follow a book written by one of, if not the, greatest author of all time.
        Review by Linda Waldemar, July 18, 1997
 I found this book to live up to it's title as entertaining. The authors (Julia Barrett is Julia Braun Kessler and Gabrielle Donnelly) try to imitate the Austen language and style. They do a pretty good job, but fall a little short of the mark.

Almost all the P&P characters make an appearance during the story. Again, they attempt to keep them in character, but again, they do not quite make it. Georgiana is the main character here. She is not very shy, but the authors attribute that to her association with Elizabeth. Throughout, I saw evidence of plot points and dialogue that were borrowed from JA.

Elizabeth was not completely accepted by many of the Derbyshire neighbors. When Mr. Darcy was away on business, she carried herself with head held high and never complained to her husband. Elizabeth "encountered coldness, if not genuine ill will". Also, she missed her home and family. This felt right to me.

Georgiana's suitors seemed to be modeled on Lizzy's in P&P. The Bennet family endures a terrible scandal and it is one of the men who is interested in Georgiana who saves the day.  This occasion also allows Mr. Collins to write another of his infamous condolence letters.

As I proceeded through the book, I decided that perhaps the authors were writing with
tongue-in-check; e.g. Lady Anne Darcy was renamed Lady Susan. With that in mind, I found a little more humor than I had at the beginning. Following are a couple of noteworthy examples.

Lady Catherine was pensive for a full moment, but mere fond memories were powerless in the face of her present purpose, which was to pursue the improprieties she had but two evenings before observed all about her. This was a subject near to her heart; one upon which she fancied her judgment incontestable, and the effects of her reproofs upon those guilty altogether remedial, no matter to whom her denunciations were presently addressed.
Mary (about Mr. Darcy):
"Certainly not," said she. "But since their marriage, I myself have had the opportunity to converse at length with our brother, and I have discovered him to be an uncommonly learned man. What a pity that such a one has been enticed by mere brilliance of wit into a marriage that time will only prove inadequate to his intellectual powers.  Had he but thought," with a meaningful glance, "when making his choice, to look beyond pleasantries to someone who holds reason more dear than good humour, how happier might his situation be now!"
In summary, I enjoyed this book and recommend that others give it a try. However, please remember that this is not Jane Austen! not even close.
        Review by Lynn Lamy, September 4, 1997
I didn't care too much for this.  Like many of the sequels, it goes much too quickly, with things happening very fast, almost unbelievably so.  I didn't think most of the characters acted the way we would expect them to.
        Review by Jane Elizabeth, September 20, 1997
This sequel is well done in its use of appropriate language, and generally conscientious about period details. It lacks an ironic or humorous edge, though, making it rather plodding. Fans of Elizabeth and Darcy may be disappointed because the book focuses on Georgiana. It should be noted that the author "Julia Barrett" is a nom de plume for two women who share the writing credit. This may account for the lack of an authoritative voice or unique point of view.
         Posted by Alexandra on October 13, 1997 at 09:39:31:
I know that a lot of people don't like Emma Tennant and her sequel to P&P but have any of you read Presumption by Julia Barrett?  It is actually not a bad story that actually manages to keep within Jane Austen's own style. I'm normally not over keen on sequels but this one is actually not bad!

        Posted by Amala on October 13, 1997 at 13:23:56:
I was remarkably unoffended by Presumption -- possibly because I went in to it with such low expectations. I do enjoy the double meaning of the title, which made it easier to enjoy the story.
        Posted by Courtney on September 25, 1997 at 18:06:38:
Also, check out Presumption by Julia Barrett. It is a sequel to P&P and has Georgiana Darcy as the main character. Quite good. 

        Comment by Yvette onWed, 20 May 1998 22:40:43
Presumption -Julia Barrett:  Story of Georgiana Darcy. It was quite similar to Pride and Prejudice in style and was pretty good and quite funny.
        Comment by Erwin Peyton on Thursday, 24 December 1998
My favorite sequel to P&P is Julia Barrett's Presumption - An Entertainment.  She kept the characters in character - unlike Emma Tennant (who should have written hers as a separate novel with a different name.  The only thing she has that looks remotely like JA is that the characters have the same names.)
        Review by Elizabeth Tn, March 24, 1999
After I finish reading this book I was very disappointed.  This was not written in the style of Jane Austen and the story is focused on Georgiana Darcy. I thought Presumtion would continue the story of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth but instead the author decides to get rid of Elizabeth for half of the book. This book isn't very detailed also, it doesn't explain what the characters are feeling.  It is quite like Pride and Prejudice; a situation occurs that will threaten to have a bad effect on the Bennets' name and once again Mr. Darcy comes to the rescue. Presumption is mainly focused on Georgiana Darcy and how she fell in love. The characters differ from the ones from Pride and Prejudice.  Elizabeth is more serious, Mr. Darcy doesn't seem like the handsome and gentleman-like person he was, and Georgiana, she is like Elizabeth but more talkative.  I didn't enjoy this book and would not recommended to anyone who loves Pride and Prejudice and are excited to read its sequel <Presumption.  Believe me it is not worth reading.
       Written by Teresa AF (12/6/99 12:41 p.m.)
Julia Barrett (really two people) did not get her facts straight, so to me if she (they) did not bother to research properly, why should anyone bother to read it. I may be a bit too critical, but I am a stickler for correct details in a story, if one fact is off, it throws off the whole story.
        Comment by Mary Beth, July 7, 2000, 9:44 p.m.
I did not appreciate Presumption very much at all.  Georgianna was made into a husband-hunting vixen, quite unlike JA's portrayal of her meek, overprotected, quiet, solem, etc.  It did not have enough of Lizzy and Darcy in it to suit me, and the 19th century Regency era language that JA used in PP was not duplicated sufficiently.  Poor story line.  Poor characterization.  Poor sequal to one of my favorite books!
        Review by Helen, August 4, 2000
The story was nice only the ending was not good. The story was mainly focussed on Georgiana Darcy. The other characters were not good described. The character of Georgiana Darcy resembled too much that of Elizabeth Darcy.
        Written by Vania (4/3/2003 12:19 p.m.)
in consequence of the missive, Presumption by Julia Barrett, penned by Jaya
] ... is pretty good.
] It's a sequel to Pride & Prejudice, concentrating primarily on Georgiana Darcy.

I read the reviews on this in and here in RoP. It turned out better than Iexpected. I thought Georgiana would have married a little higher on the social scale though. I enjoyed what happened to Caroline Bingley! Poor thing... :P

        Written by Hadas (June 3, 2003 )
About sequels to P&P: Presumption is adequate, if somewhat artificial. The prose tends to be so-so, but it's fairly enjoyable if you ignore it. You can get it for perhaps &10-$12 new. There's "Letters from Pemberley", which is better-written than the above, but somewhat            plotless, and features a host of "crossover" characters, which was in my opinion a little extraneous.