Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy and Other Stories

by Anne Fafoutakis

Paperback -108 pages   July,  2002
Upfront Publishing    ISBN  1844260119

                    Review by Linda Waldemar, 1 May 2003
This is a short story that describes the months following the marriage of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy.
Most of the action involves the circumstances of the Bingleys move to an estate that is 10 miles north of Pemberley in Derbyshire. I found the method of bringing about this relocation a bit forced and a tad incredible, though not outrageous.

The author seems to view this imaginary world through rose-colored glasses because many of JA's characters have improved.

"I can scarcely credit the improvement in both my sisters. Kitty and Lydia used to quarrel and shout at teach other incessantly. Ina whole week, Mary and Kitty did not raise their voices once. Mary is full of praise for Charles and, I am glad to report, she has even taken to playing music of a much happier nature. Kitty has quite neglected her needlework and reads as much as she can. As for Charlotte, yhou would hardly recognise her. Motherhood has given her such a lovely glow and it is all due to the baby. He is absolutely angelic, gurgles happily and gives her no trouble at all."

Fatherhood has improved Mr. Collins, as well. She did allow that Mr. Wickham, Caroline Bingley and Lady Catherine did not wind up happily.

If you run across this one, I recommend that you take a look. But, do not purchase without trying it out unless you must own all sequels as I must ;-)

        Written by Lynne Robson (June 6, 2003 )
I was bought this book by my sister who had been on holiday in Summerset. I found  it to be a very quick read being only 106 pages in length their are 3 stories one about the first world war and one about the a girl called Trina who visits Russia during the Tsarist time.         The main story is about Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy and her first year of marrage. It describes how Jane comes to move to Buxton 10 miles from the Darcy's and how Georgiana meets her husband. Quite a number of the characters are mentioned in the story, it is a quick read. I must say that I enjoyed the story but found that it was too short.