by Samantha Adkins

Softcover - 308 pages (2009)
PublishingRoom ISBN X-00000060080

        Review by Linda Waldemar, December 9, 2009

This story begins six months after the marriage of the two eldest Bennet daughters. Mrs. Bennet is worried that she has not yet heard about pending heirs to the large fortunes of her sons-in-law. She asks her husband to write to the girls to make sure that they are doing their wifely duties.

The first chapter does a good job of imitating the writing style of Jane Austen and I have no complaints about the rest of the book in that regard. I am also happy to report that Jane Austen's beloved characters are easily recognizable, though not as cleverly drawn, of course. We meet most of them in this story.

The Darcys are happily settling into married life. The Bingleys are too, but soon feel the urge to leave Netherfield and find an estate within 30 miles of Pemberley. Georgiana is very pleased and comfortable with her new sister and they become quite close. The Wickhams are often visiting the Bingleys and Lydia requests money from both Elizabeth and Jane. All that is expected after the end of Pride and Prejudice.

Lydia has changed little since their marriage. She is unfailingly selfish, rude, and incredibly ignorant. Wickham encourages her to seek favors from her elder sisters. In one situation concerning the Wickhams, Darcy is almost unbelievably honorable and generous.

This story is as much about Georgiana as it is about her brother and Elizabeth. We meet new characters who are her friends and acquaintances among whom are several suitors. Georgiana falls in love with one of them and, of course, there are obstacles that prevent them from getting together. Their situation reminds one of a couple in another Austen novel.

I found this story to be a very pleasant read. As long as you do not expect the genius of Jane Austen, you should find it quite enjoyable.