a sequel to
Pride and Prejudice

by Marie Hogstrom

BookSurge Publishing (December 12, 2008)
Paperback: 240 pages
ISBN 143921865X

        Review by Linda Waldemar, 14 January 2009
The story begins six months after the wedding of Jane and Elizabeth Bennet to Charles Bingley and Fitzwilliam Darcy. The Darcys are indeed the happienst couple in the world.

Over the next several months, we see the Bingleys, Georgiana, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Lydia and George Wickham, William and Charlotte Collins. I am happy to report that they all act very much like the originals. Georgiana has lost some of her shyness and has become more assertive. This personality change can be attributed to her new sister. There are also a few new characters who are acceptable to the story.

Charlotte Collins has a secret. She unburdens herself through correspondence with Elizabeth. Her feelings will pleaese those P&P readers who feel that her reasons for marriage to Mr. Collins are wrong.

Almost all the characters that we meet are portrayed in a sympathetic light. Mrs. Bennet's antics are still quite exasperating. Lydia will still, unabashedly, say whatever comes to her mind. There is a bit of teasing between the Darcys, but we do not see the wit that we enjoyed in Jane Austen's novel.

This book was translated from Swedish. While the use of some words and phrases is unexpected, I do not think that the translation detracted from the story. As sequels go, I think that this one is better than most that I have read recently. There is a relationship that I found to be a bit implausible, but I still enjoyed the story. I can recommend that you give it a try and make your own decision.