Darcy and Elizabeth
Frances Morgan

Paperback 250 pages (21 March, 2003)
Publisher: Cenfar Books; ISBN: 0954427807

       Written by Vania (7/14/2003 8:57 p.m.)
What can I say? I resort to self-inflicted torture at times. It needed a good editor ("Longbourne", "Where have you bee?" etc.) and the plot was thin, characterizations sketchy. The redundancy throughout bothered me the most. Imagine the following over and over:

 Jane: "That is unkind."
Bingley: "Good God Darcy!"
Mr. Bennet: "My family is indebted to you."
Lydia: "Wickham is my husband." oh?
Of Mr. Darcy: "His good opinion, once lost is lost forever."
"Lizzie": "I am the happiest woman.." "I give Mrs. Reynolds the credit. I cannot do without her.." or some such.

I found myself skimming through it. Not recommended, sad to say. 

        Written by Lynne Robson  (7/25/2003 2:38 p.m.)
I have just finshed reading the above sequel to P & P and though I enjoyed the book I felt that it came to a rushed conclusion. The writer could have carried the story on for a few more chapters rather than rushing the end.

The story starts after the marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth with Mr Bennett visiting them. Mrs Bennett has a stroke due to the shock of Mr Wickham leaving Lydia after the birth of her baby, who she then leaves in Kitty's care to go look for him. Georgiana is raped by a gypsy     and tries to kill herself. Jane and Bingley have a family as well but poor Elizabeth worries that she will not give Darcy a child all through the book until the end.

The new characters are interesting but do not come across well, at the end there is a few marriages to bring the story to a happy end but as I mentioned earlier I felt that it could have carried on and brought about an even better end.

It is a good read if you are interested in sequels a lot better than Tennant and a few others which are out there.

        Written by Vania (7/25/2003 6:47 p.m.)
The characters could have been developed better. Also, at some point I felt like, won't anything good happen to Lizzy and Darcy?

I can't get enough of these sequels, however unsatisfying some of them may be. Perhaps that's why I am forever looking for a new one. =)

        Review by Linda Waldemar, 9 August 2003
I am surprised to say that I enjoyed this little story. Although, I think that it is a sequel to P&P2, rather than to Jane Austen's novel. It does not appear the author has read the book. Otherwise, why the misspellings detailed below; why the description of Jane as "fair-haired", Elizabeth as "dark-haired", Charlotte as "pretty". Also, Jane, regularly says, "Lizzie, that is unkind" and there are a number of other phrases from the movie.

The introduction to the book is a summary of the story of Pride and Prejudice. I was dismayed to find so many of the spellings of the names wrong; Bennett, Lizzie, de Burgh, Longbourne, Huntsford. The book is also very poorly edited. There are a multitude of other misspellings, grammatical and punctuation errors, and misused words; "sole" for "soul", "sort" for "sought" and more.

However, overlooking all those bothersome problems, the story is not all that bad. The language is very near to that in the adaptation and so are the characters. With every appearance of Mr. Bingley, I can see Crispin Bonham-Carter delivering the lines. Although there are a few situations that I feel were totally out of place (a young, unmarried lady writing to a gentleman in whom she is interested), for the most part, the characters acted much as they did in P&P2.

The story takes place in the 12 months following the marriage of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy and Jane Bennet and Charles Bingley. Most of the action takes place at Pemberley, though the characters very easily (much like today) travel from Derbyshire to town (London) to Hertsfordshire to Kent, back and forth. The author introduces a few new characters who, while not very  developed, are not offensive. The story ends with a double wedding!

If you are willing to overlook its many shortcomings, I think that Darcy and Elizabeth is an easy and pleasant read.