A sequel to
Jane Austen's
Pride and Prejudice

Skylar Hamilton Burris
Paperback - 272 pages; (May 2004) Publishing ;  ISBN:  1589395972

        Written by LynneRobson (8/5/2004 2:45 p.m.)
Wonderful, Brilliant read, loved this when it was posted at DWG. I think it is the best story out their about Georgiana and her life at Pemberley with her brother and his new wife. It shows how she struggles with shyness once out. Most of the men that try to court her frighten her in some ways until she meets one through her cousin Col Fitzwilliam. The new Parson at Pemberley also helps her to become more outgoing along with Elizabeth. I recommend this for everyone who loves Georgiana's Character       

        Written by Barbara C (8/5/2004 4:03 p.m.)
I loved it too!

        Written by Myrna Lynn (8/8/2004 11:42 p.m.)
I've read many of the Pride and Prejudice sequels that have come out over the past five years, and I agree with you that this one was very good. In fact it was probably the best one that I have read to date. I thought that the character of the vicar was particularly well written; Skylar Hamilton made you care about her new characters, which is often hard to do. I also thought the style was much better than some of the other sequels I've read.

        Written by Helena (8/24/2004 2:38 p.m.)
I just finished Conviction and so far it is the sequel I like best. I feel the author goes more into the context/history than JA would have done, but I think this makes the novel interesting and makes the characters more developed; it's not just a rehash of Pride and Prejudice but is something more.

        Written by Melanie Z (September 14, 2004 )
At first give me the opportunity to apologize for my bad english skills, but I could not resist to write about this book….

I dare to assert, I have read almost every sequel regarding P&P and it is a pity, but nessecary to say, that the majority of them are very dissapointing.
(impartial of the fact whether they are occupied with Lizzy and Darcy or Georgiana)

“Conviction” is definitly an exception!

Nevertheless of the choise of Miss Darcy as the leading character, its writer showed oneself sensitive and inventive as well as truthful to their characters, regarding the newlyweds Darcy and Elizabeth.

The demonstration of Georgiana is absolutely felicitious. Her true personality is well captured and her attributes are expressed likewise.

Miss Bingleys notions seemed to be too obvious sometimes, but of course, that is why it was so funny. Primarily there came all these topics and incidents up, which are so typical for P&P sequels, but my doubts regarding the story line dissappeared fast…..

Similary I was exalted about the new established persons. Everyone is a special character of his own and everybody has to undergo a very personal progression.

Absolutely worth to mention is the superb basic knowledge about this time in which the plot takes place and comes to expression through topics like religion, politics or literature.

Another unmistakeable excellence of that novel are its conversations and interpersonal relationships. Skylar Burris has a great gift to sketch development and alteration of sentiments.

With great pleasure I layed down this book on that very low pack of good sequels in my bookchest.

Well done! I am very thankful for this sequel :o)

       Written by Sandra (November 20, 2004 ) 
I have read several sequels to P&P, my favorite so far has been Conviction by Skylar Burris. The story surrounds Georgiana Darcy and her many suitors. I really like Mr. Darcy has the older protective brother. 

          Review by Linda Waldemar, 17 January 2005
This sequel is primarily about Georgiana Darcy as she matures and falls in love. She is portrayed as still shy, but educated and well read. When comfortable with her companions, she loves to discuss serious topics. She has very sensible, sensitive and profound opinions. Her brother and sister-in-law are present in this story as well as Kitty Bennet. And we get glimpses of the Bingleys; Jane, Charles, Jonathon, their infant son, and Caroline, Colonel Fitzwilliam.

Ms Burris has given us some new characters; Major Arthur Talbot, Jacob Markwood, who is chosen as the new vicar of Kympton, his brother, Aaron, and Mr Markwood's Curate, Peter Bailee.

This is another sequel about which I have trouble expressing my feelings. It is not a bad story. While the characters are not the same as they appear in Pride and Prejudice, their actions are not implausible. Yet, I did not really enjoy the story. The main thing, I think , is that I found it to be the opposite of P&P's lightness, brightness and sparkle; rather somber and heavy. There is a great deal of discussion of religious doctrine and some of the characters are passionate abolitionists. Also, I did not find the characters engaging. I never really cared what would happen to them.

I recommend that you give this book a try and decide for yourself. While it is not my cup of tea, others may really enjoy it.

        Written by DavidG (2/20/2006 12:07 a.m.)
I just finished reading the 2004 sequel by Burris to P&P. What a delight to meet a new group of folks who extend and expand our delight with the original story and cast of characters in P&P.

This sequel focuses on Georgiana Darcy. I think the author has created a very credible future for Miss Darcy. We all know her history and the protection she enjoys from her brother. It is easy to enjoy this sequel as the story unfolds without any jarring interjection of some unbelieveable character trait of the original cast.

I also believe this author has read Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife. There are several scenes between the Darcys which tickle our imaginations in light of the voyeurism provided by Berdoll. The author's (Burris) taste and sense of propriety can satisfy the most ardent critic who decries any injection of passion into JA's characters.

        Written by Sandra (2/20/2006 7:08 p.m.)
I also read this book and was very pleased with it. I consider it one of the better sequels. I really liked that the author made Darcy an over protected brother when it came to Georgiana's suitors. It fit his charcter so well and also made me laugh. I could see Jane Austen writing Darcy to act that way.

I thought the book was very well done.

        Written by MerryK (4/2/2006 11:32 p.m.)
I thought it is by far the best sequel I've read. The characters were very well drawn, especially Jacob Markwood. Being a religious idealist myself, I was glad that he was treated so respectfully. I only saw one parallel to P&P, and that was the title. In P&P, all the characters portray, to some extent, the two faults in the title. The same is true for Conviction; it's subtle, but it's very well done. It made me cry, too, which no sequel has done before.

        Written by Sandra (May 15, 2007 )
I enjoyed Conviction alot. I felt the author held true to the character's personalities. I loved Mr. Darcy as the over-protective brother. The way he treated Georgianna just made sense.
        Written by Amanda Lee (7/5/2007 10:53 a.m.)
This book is not a terrible read. It follows Georgiana on her path to love and happiness.

But I have noticed that more than a few authors that attempt to finish a JA characters story have a tendency to go completely out of their way to create a "climax point" for their novel. I mean to say that they make things way to complicated in order to get a good story.

Whereas JA, had an amazing way of making everyday occurences absolutely spectacular. While I personally think that Georgianna did some things that were not quite the way JA wrote her, it is still not a disaster of a book.

No indecency and still interesting enough. This is not a must read, but it could definitely do the job if you just needed a past time.