Pride & Promiscuity :
The Lost Sex Scenes of Jane Austen
Arielle Eckstut, Dennis Ashton

Pride & Promiscuity
Paperback - 160 pages (April 2001)
Fireside Books; ISBN: 068487265X

         Written by Tara O'Donnell (3/13/2001 6:55 p.m.)
First a disclaimer-I have not read the entire book, it arrived at my bookstore this weekend and have only read certain parts of it. Some of it is pretty funny (Mr.Collin's role playing with Charlotte and Mrs.Palmer trying to entice her husband)and to it's credit,the writing style is mock-JA and not graphic in detail. BUT-the MP section with Mary and Henry Crawford got alittle too physical for my taste. My reaction was EWWWW! If you do decide to read it,beware!

        Written by Beth P. (3/14/2001 10:19 a.m.)
purchased this a couple of weeks ago, and devoured it with much giggling. Terribly vulgar,  but still fun. My favouite scene is the one with Frank Churchill and Mr. Knightly, while I was shocked at Eleanor and Marianne!

        Written by William L (4/3/2001 8:01 p.m.)
I looked at it yesterday in the local bookstore. It is a piece of funny pornography. If it were made into a movie, the rating would be at least X. I don't mind coarse humor--some of the old time burlesque comics were great--always coarse, but never really dirty. This is a dirty book.

        Written by Margaret Emily (4/12/2001 8:23 p.m.)
Blech. Ugh. Ick. and all variations of same. How could anyone do this to JA? (not to mention try to make it believable with the whole "I found this stuff" nonsense--that went out of fashion with Pamela, I'm sure)  And come to think of it--how could she even write such a thing? She died an old  maid. hmmm. Bad planning on the author's part.

        Written by LaurieC (4/12/2001 8:06 p.m.)
Scandalous!    Not the book, it is merely silly.

        Written by Aline McK (5/1/2001 7:46 p.m.)
I hope this is the correct board for such a post. I've just finished the most charming little book: "Prideand Promiscuity: The Lost Sex Scenes of JaneAusten."

Highly, highly, highly recommended! The S&M scene between Charlotte and Mr. Collins is worth the price of admission on its own. (Charlotte pretends to be TRHLCdB, and makes him her "dog.")

And despite the title, it's never truly *dirty.* Which is to say you might not read it to your kids, but you'd laugh about with your mother.

        Written by Julie P. (5/2/2001 8:32 p.m.)
It's definitely PG-13 material, and it's hilarious.

         Written by Julie W (8/5/2001 3:29 a.m.)
I genuinely thought it was an April Fools Day joke, as it was launched in England around April 1st.I am still not convinced!

I still think its best to leave these topics( in Austen at least) to the imagination.

        Written by Tara O'Donnell (8/5/2001 10:46 a.m.)
Humorous in many ways but The MP section had a very vulgar piece suggesting   that the Crawfords had more than a brother-and-sisterly relationship which made me feel(as Lady Catherine would say)"I am most  displeased!"

To be fair,the Emma section and one of S&S passages(involving the Palmers)was very well done. I'm not a prude
but some things are just not funny,IMHO. Get the book out of the library if you're curious but save your money for something better:)

        Review by Linda Waldemar on 12 August 2001
Based on the title and subtitle, I did not expect to like this book. However, I did not expect that it would be so bad.

With the lone exception of the "Persuasion Prequel", I found the scenes to be, at best, distasteful with many downright offensive.

If that is not bad enough, it is full of editorial errors. In the Mansfield Park segment, Edmund becomes Henry then Edmund then Edward and finally back to Edmund again.

Read it if you can get it from the library or if someone gives or lends it to you, but don't waste money on this one!

        Written by Chris(2/11/2004)
Has anyone read Pride and Promiscuity? It�s horrible!! And it ruined some scenes for me.

       Written by Lynne Robson(2/12/2004)
I agree with you it is awful.It is one of the worst sequels I have read and spoiled scenes in most of austens books for me as well. I would rate this book up with tennants as one of the worst books ever

        Written by Vania(2/12/2004)
Terrible! I think it was meant to be funny, but it wasn't even that. The authors probably thought it was a clever idea, but not good enough at all to be published, IMHO.

        Written by Vania (2/14/2004 5:19 p.m.)
No plot that I recall. The complete title is "Pride and Promiscuity: The Lost Sex Scenes of Jane Austen." Part of the blurb reads,"In 1999, two amateur Jane Austen scholars staying at an English estate stumbled upon a hidden cache of manuscript pages and made the literary discover of the century---" It's a book of scenes involving different JA characters.

You can read it if you're curious, but I don't recommend that you purchase it or if you do, get it used. has it, I think.

        Written by Mary K. (2/15/2004 8:54 p.m.)
I haven't read the book, but I read a few pages of it. I was curious once Amazon popped up this title for me while I did a search on "Wentworth" (I was looking for literary criticism, not this!) but anyway, you can get a feel for the book by (I hope I'm clear) click on "Search inside this book" - search for a name (e.g. Darcy, Lydia, whatever). You'll get a list of pages. Click on the page you want to view. You can then read that page, and the next, and maybe one more. This process gave me a glimpse of the book, but I wanted to finish the scene I was reading, so I made a note of the current page I was reading, then I searched the book for a word I guessed would be on the following page (if they're in a town named xz, you could search for xz, for example), clicked on that page, and finished the scene.

Amazon limits the portion of the book you can read this way, but their limitiation exceeded the amount I wanted to read. They offer this service to sell books, and I think it's a great idea, but in this particular case I was able to tear myself away and avoid a purchase. (How does this stuff get published, anyway?). Hope I've amused you!

        Written by Rae (2/15/2004 5:06 p.m.)
The husband gave me this recently for my birthday. Not something I would ever have chosen, but a good try on his part. I thought some bits were quite clever - the Henry/Catherine one and and the Charlotte/Mr Collins one, and the Persuasion one I thought was actually quite poignant. The others I do not remember so were probably not that good.

But,ladies, what did you expect from the title? I have not read any of the 'sequels' and they do not interest me, but I do not think this one was intended as a sequel. It was just supposed to be funny and they did signal pretty hard in the title what it was going to be about. :-), :-)