The Jew of Bath
The Samaritan Treasure
by Marianne Luban 
Paperback (Story is 27 pages) (November 1990) 
Coffeehouse Pr; ISBN: 091827379X
Paperback (October 1990) 
Coffee House Press; ISBN: 091827379X

         Review by Linda Waldemar, August 10, 2000
This short story takes the form of a long letter written by Jane Austen to her niece, Fanny, from July 14 to her death a few days later.

She describes a time when her Aunt Leigh-Perrot was arrested for stealing lace. Jane and her mother go to bath to support her. Cassandra must stay behind because she has a bad cold.

In Bath, the Austens make several new acquaintances. Olivia D'Aragon has come to take the waters as she is quite ill. Her very handsome brother, Benjamin, accompanies her. Much like Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Austen meets a kindred spirit in Mrs. Heywood who has an insipid daughter and a son who is a rattle.

Mr. D'Aragon and Jane form an attachment that he promptly abandons because he is a Jew. She tells Fanny that she really loved him and had been sure of receiving a declaration of his love.

Death comes before the letter can be posted. Cassandra was shocked to find her dear sister had loved a Jew and so burned the letter immediately.