Bridget Jones:
The Edge of Reason
Helen Fielding

The Edge of Reason
Paperback - 352 pages
Penguin (Non-Classics); Reprint edition
(January 30, 2001)ISBN: 0140298479

The Edge of Reason
Paperback - 320 pages
Picador; New Ed edition;
(15 Jun 2000) ISBN: 0330367358

The Edge of Reason
Paperback - 352 pages
Penguin Paperbacks; Reprint edition
(Feb 1 2001) ISBN: 0140298479

         Review by Linda Waldemar on 12 September 2001
Funnier and truer to life than Bridget Jones's Diary. A true sequel, we get to know the characters introduced in BJD better. Shazzer, Jude and Tom are fleshed out. And Mark Darcy is a real darling; kind, sensitive and vulnerable.

This story is a mixture of P&P and Persuasion. Rebecca is a mixture of Caroline Bingley and Lousia Musgrove. Then there's Giles Benwick and Admiral Darcy. We see little of Mark's mother, Elaine, but she reminded me of Mrs. Gardiner. And Bridget's Mum is just as silly and unrepentant as Lydia.

It was fun living through the misunderstandings,  uncertainties and anxieties of Bridget, Mark and the friends. I think that this book is better than the first so I highly recommend it.

Can hardly wait for the sequel to the movie!