Mansfield Park
Willis Hall
(out of print)
Paperback - 100 pages (1994) 
Samuel French; ISBN: 0573018391

        Review by Linda Waldemar, April 2, 2001
This is a dramatization of Jane Austen's novel in two acts which was first presented at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, on 4th November 1993.. Although necessarily abbreviated, most of the first part of JA's story is kept intact.

The action is narrated by several of the servants at Mansfield Park. These very observant employees comment on and interpret the feelings and motivations of the main characters. A stretch, but it serves to let audience know of the intentions of the playwright.

The story departs radically from Austen after Sir Thomas returns from Antigua and the action is wrapped up fairly quickly.

Fanny's visit to Portsmouth is her own choice after she has refused to marry Henry Crawford.  This Fanny is a bit more assertive than the one from JA's novel.  We never meet the Price family, except William who does visit Mansfield Park.

The scandal is discovered by Mr. Rushworth and Sir Thomas through a newspaper account. Julia elopes with Mr. Yates after Maria's marriage because she had been in love with Mr. Rushworth. There is no rivalry between the sisters for Henry Crawford's affections. Maria is clearly in love with HC and marries to spite him.

We see more of Lady Bertram and Mr. Rushworth than I expected. Lady B. is more selfish and lazy than portrayed by Jane Austen and Mr. R. is more stupid.

The play is not too bad. It is certainly better than MP2!