Mrs. Elton in America
The Compleat Mrs. Elton
Diana Birchall
The compleat Mrs Elton
Paperback - 216 pages (August 2004)
Egerton House Publishing    ISBN: 195016018

        Review by Linda Waldemar, January 31, 2005 .
The Eltons have been married for 10 years; have sired three offspring; and have made a vast many improvements to the vicarage. Mrs. Elton's uncle has died and left his entire fortune to her sister, Selina. Since all Mr. Elton's money and most of Mrs. Elton's fortune have been spent maintaining their lifestyle as well as making the improvements, there is nothing left to do but RETRENCH.

Mr. Knightley learns of an opportunity for clergymen to go to America to help their counterparts there. Mrs. Elton is reluctant, preferring to travel to Italy, but the journey is made.

The Elton's survive the crossing and arrive in Boston, a lovely, refined city which does not suffer in comparison to London, Unfortunately, they learn they will not stay there; Mr. Elton's assignment is to save the Indians. We get Mrs. Elton's impressions of her travels from Boston to New York to Philadelphia to Washington to Baltimore, then west to St. Louis.

Mrs. Elton is amazed at the differences in cultures and tries for a while to maintain her English habits and attitudes. Augusta Elton undergoes all manner of hardships and tragedies. But being the resilient and resourceful woman that she is,  she comes through it all and returns to Highbury a very changed woman.

This novella is fairly interesting and entertaining as it describes life in America during the 1820's. We come to understand and like Mrs. Elton as she experiences the trials and tribulations of the wilderness.

I recommend that you give this book a try.