Emma In Love
by Emma Tennant

(out of print)

       Response by Kim  Mon, Mar 10, 1997 (09:45)
I recently read two Emma sequels or "classic progression" as they were called. What a joke! Emma in Love by Tennant was horrible! Perfect Happiness was not much better.

What is this business in both of Emma being happy, but not really "happy". I choose to think that Emma would be perfectly happy with Mr. Knightly. I cannot believe that he would not be a passionate lover from the very beginning. 

         Written by Michele (5/14/2002 11:21 p.m.)
Ugh! I just finished reading Emma In Love by Emma Tennant.

I cannot possibly describe how horrible this book was. I have read her P&P sequels, and I have been warned about her writing, but this book was worse beyond anything I expected. Not only are the characters not true to form, but Miss Bates swearing? Homosexuality? A girl kisses Emma, in  her bedroom! In Jane Austen, I don't think so! Please, even if you are curious as I was, do not waste your time on this junk.

       Review by Linda Waldemar 13 August 2004
I was not expecting much since this I have heard such bad things about the author. However, I did not think that this story is entirely reprehensible.

The story takes place four years after the marriage of Emma Woodhouse and George Knightly. Mr. Woodhouse has died and the Knightleys now reside at Donwell Abbey. Isabella Knightley has also died and John and the five children are also at the Abbey.

Unfortunately, Emma is not happy in her marriage and continues her matchmaking schemes. She is also generally wrong in her perceptions. Mrs. Knightley is much like the Emma Woodhouse of Jane Austen's novel. Mr. Knightley is more of a father than a husband. He is constantly teasing and chiding Emma for her behavior.

The Eltons are as insufferable as expected. Frank Churchill left Jane Fairfax, practically at the altar, and married the woman that his deceased aunt had willed him to marry. He and his brother-in-law, Captain Brockelhurst, visit the Westons. Jane Fairfax took a position as governess with Mrs. Smallridge, the unpleasant acquaintance of Augusta Elton. The Smallridges visit the Eltons with the entire family in tow at the same time as Frank Churchill is there; they, too bring a friend, Baroness d'Alamane.

The plot is quite confusing and often outrageous., but has a happy ending for the Knightleys.

Do I recommend this book? Well, I always feel that one should decide for oneself. I do recommend that you try and borrow it before buying it.