In Defense of Mrs. Elton
The Compleat Mrs. Elton
Diana Birchall
The compleat Mrs Elton
Paperback - 216 pages (August 2004)
Egerton House Publishing    ISBN: 195016018

        Review by Linda Waldemar, January 20, 2000 .
This is a short story that describes the interaction between Mrs. Augusta Hawkins Elton and the citizens of the Highbury community from Mrs. Elton's perspective.

She is characterized as having a good heart, but not enough education and refinement to make her attempts at usefulness acceptable to the other residents of Highbury.

The story continues after the time frame of Emma.  The Eltons become parents to a son and the Augusta's sister, Selina, and her family visit.  The Sucklings are so vulgar that all of Highbury feels sorry for Mrs Elton and begin to try and understand her.  The visit is the beginning of a bit of the acceptance that she has always craved.

This is a nice little story that gives another plausible perspective on the happenings in Emma.