by Debra White Smith

Paperback -324 pages   ISBN 0736908757
Harvest House Publishers
(1 January 2006)
(January 2006)
(January 2006)

       Review by Linda Waldemar, 20 April 2007
This s a modern retelling of Emma. It is set in Tasmania, Australia. Amanda Wood Priebe is a witty, beautiful, tall young woman of 25 who runs the family travel agency. The hero is Nate Knighton, 35, who has watched Amanda grow up and is the Vice-President of Knighton Department Stores.

I think that Ms Smith has done a good job of translating Jane Austen's characters to this new setting. They are almost all there, though Mr. Woodhouse and Miss Bates would be a little difficult to recognize had the author not told us who was based upon whom as she usually does.

This author's Austen Series have lead me to believe that Jane Austen translates well into the Christian Fisction genre. While I did not expect to, I enjoyed this book a great deal. It is a very quick and pleasant read.

I suggest that  you give it a try.