Welcome to the Republic of Pemberley Recommended Reading Page. This lists many of the books which citizens of Pemberley have read and enjoyed (other than books by Jane Austen). Where possible, we have included the name of the person recommending the book and a short review. Please note that, while some titles could certainly be classified in more than one category (where would you put Jasper Fforde’s books?), books are usually listed in only one category. The only exceptions to this are books in the audio books and book group books categories. We have also included a link to the relevant Amazon(US) page. If you would like to order a book through Amazon.uk or Amazon.ca, click here to go to our Pemberley Affiliates page, and then use the appropriate search box there.

    If you would prefer, you may browse these recommendations at our Recommended Reading Amazon Store.

    The Life and Times section below links you to a separate database created by the host and users of the Life and Times board. This bibliography includes books about Jane Austen and the period in which she lived and wrote. For sequels to Jane Austen's books, go to Linda's Sequels Page.

    If you would like to recommend a book, please post about it at The Library board, or email the Library board moderator at Pemberley_Library – at – hotmail – dot – com.

    Here are a few book-related links that you might find helpful:

    Stop, You’re Killing Me.com – a website dedicated to mysteries, it has links by author and character, along with indexes such as location and time period. If you’re wondering about the order of titles for a series or what mysteries feature sleuths that are interior decorators, this is the site for you.
    Your local library. - Many library websites have wonderful online resources to help you find books you’d like to read. And the real, live librarians can be quite helpful as well!

    If you have comments or questions about this page post them on the Help Board.


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