Welcome to the Republic of Pemberley!

We, all of us, remember only too well the great relief we felt upon discovering this haven for Jane Austen Addicts. If your eyes did not widen, if you did not gasp in recognition, if you did not experience a frisson of excitement when you discovered a whole campful of soldiers - er - a whole websiteful of fellow Jane Austen Fanatics, then this place may not be for you. We are The Truly Obsessed here and have been known to talk for weeks about Jane Austen's spelling quirks and Mr. Darcy's coat ("No, no - the green one.")

If this sounds like just your cup of tea, "Read on!"

Jane Austen Republic of Pemberley Newcomers' Orientation
Pemberley, as are all the Great Houses, is a large place and it can be difficult to get around until you get used to it. Walking the Newbie Trail will aid in your acclimation and get you off to a smooth start in the care and feeding of your Jane Austen Obsession.

First of all, please, please read the FAQ. Unlike the FAQs at most websites, ours actually has Frequently Asked Questions and, more importantly, the answers. It truly is a must for all citizens of Pemberley. If you still have any questions about how the site works, please ask them on the Help Board.

Next, browse around the estate. There are many fine rooms, richly furnished, and you are sure to find one, or several, just to your taste.

  • There are separate discussion boards dedicated to each of Jane Austen's novels (the busiest is the Pride and Prejudice Board)

  • The Library where we talk about non-Austen literature

  • Jane Austen's Life and Times Board is where you will find the answers to burning questions like "What, exactly, is white soup?" and "What is the difference between a pelisse and a spencer and which is Lizzy wearing when she walks with Col. Fitzwilliam?"

  • Another place to spend hours and hours is Henry Churchyard's exhaustive Jane Austen Info, housed here at Pemberley. There are things stashed away in nooks and crannies there that we're sure he's forgotten all about, but which are a delight to stumble across.

  • For a more detailed listing of just what is here, see the Home Page or the Site Map.

Ready to move in?

If this looks like just what you've been searching for all your life, then head on over to the Newbie Board and introduce yourself, so that we may become better acquainted with you. We use our Real Names here at Pemberley (except for a very few names which were "grandfathered" in years ago). We know this is unusual for the Web, but then Janeites are unusual people, are we not? Be sure to peruse the Names In Use List and add an initial or some other modifier to your name if someone has had the effrontery to get here with your name before you did!

Again, welcome to the Republic of Pemberley - and don't forget to read the FAQ!

Jane Austen Republic of Pemberley FAQ for newcomers

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