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A Pipe of Tobacco:
In Imitation of Six Several Authors
by Isaac Hawkins Browne


Blest leaf! Whose aromatic gales dispense
To templars modesty, to parsons sense :
So raptured priests, at famed Dodona’s shrine
Drank inspiration from the steam divine.
Poison that cures, a vapour that affords
Content more solid than the smile of lords :
Rest to the weary, to the hungry food,
The last kind refuge of the wise and good.
Inspired by thee, dull cits adjust the scale
Of Europe’s peace when other statesmen fail.
By thee protected, and thy sister, beer,
Poets rejoice, nor think the bailiff near.
Nor less the critic owns thy genial aid,
While supperless he plies the piddling trade.
What though to love and soft delights a foe,
By ladies hated, hated by the beau,
Yet social freedom, long to courts unknown,
Fair health, fair truth and virtue are thy own :
Come to thy poet, come with healing wings,
And let me taste thee, unexcised by kings.

- Republic of Pemberley -
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