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Pride & Prejudice
Pride & Prejudice Board
Pride & Prejudice FAQ
Pride & Prejudice Calendar
Ellen Moody's P&P chronology
Pride & Prejudice - The Illustrated Series
Laura and Luisa's wonderful drawings for P&P
P&P Screensavers and Wallpaper
for Windows 95 and 98, created by Susan Hughes

Dance Music
MIDIs, steps, from the Contradancers of Hawaii
Sheet music for Mr. Beveridge's Maggot:
Melody and chord symbol
Easy piano arrangement
More challenging piano arrangement
Emma Board
Emma FAQ
Emma Calendar
Ellen Moody's Emma chronology
Emma Adaptations Page
Emma Screensavers and Wallpaper
for Windows 95 and 98, created by Susan Hughes

Sense & Sensibility
Sense & Sensibility Board
Sense & Sensibility FAQ
Sense & Sensibility Calendar
Ellen Moody's Sense & Sensibility chronology
Barbara's Sense & Sensibility Picture Page
S&S Screensavers and Wallpaper
for Windows 95 and 98, created by Susan Hughes.

Persuasion Board
Persuasion FAQ
Persuasion Calendar
Ellen Moody's Persuasion chronology
Northanger Abbey
Northanger Abbey Board
Northanger Abbey FAQ
Northanger Abbey Calendar
Ellen Moody's NA chronology
Cult of Da Man
A tribute to Henry Tilney
Jane Austen Blogs
Jane Austen's World
Devoted to historical details of the period
Daily celebration of Jane Austen's Writing
Jane Austen Today
Jane Austen in modern culture
Jane Austen in Vermont
Jane Austen appreciation by the Vermont
chapter of JASNA
Jane Austen in popular culture
with a side of snark
Austenesqe Reviews
Reviews of Jane Austen sequels, fan-fiction,
and para-literature
Jane Austen's House Museum
Rebecca Smith - Writer in Residence
at Jane Austen's House
Chawton House Library Blog
Canberra chapter of JASA
Jane Austen Society of Australia's
Canberra Chapter
Tolkien discussion.
Derbyshire Writers' Guild
Jane Austen Fan Fiction and more
A place to discuss sports, religion, politics, etc.
The Hogsmeade Pub
Rebecca Nix's HP Forum
Regency romance
Jane Austen's Life & Times
Life & Times Board
Life & Times FAQ
General Regency
The Regency Page
Including Cathy Decker's compendious Regency Fashion Page,
with numerous clothing illustrations.
Regency Fashion
Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion
How to make a period dress &tc
Illustrations and Clothing Information
Brock illustrations from the novels and specifics on garments (note how
HC really likes to speak of corsets)
Regency Fashion Page
Cathy Decker's impressive collection of Regency clothing information
Regency Illustrations
Scans of Regency pictures
Part of the Jane Austen Information Pages
British Titles and Rank
British Titles of Nobility
Laura Wallace's introduction and primer to the peerage.
Titles & Rank
Details about honorifics, part of the Jane Austen information pages.
The English Country Dance Mailing List
Subscription info., list archives and some good English Country Dance links.
The Works of Thomas Wilson, dancing master to the Kings Theatre
Library of Congress - contains on line versions of his books which are used
today by many country dance societies..
British Homes & Estates
The DiCamillo Companion
A wonderful database of English Country Houses. You can search by house
name, county, dates, architect and titles of movies filmed at the location,
among other things.
Growing list of source material contributed by the readers of this board.
Virtual Views
Virtual Views Board
The Internet Movie Database
The place to go if you have a question about any film ever made
or in production.
Masterpiece Theatre
General Austen
Jane Austen Society (UK)
Jane Austen Society of North America
Jane Austen Society of Australia
Jane Austen Society of Australia - Canberra
Jane Austen Society of Buenos Aires
Jane Austen Society of Brazil
AUSTEN-L Archives
Housed at the McGill University Listserv home page, includes weekly
digests, search engine and forms to join or post to the list.
Janeites Discussion List
A discussion list devoted to Jane Austen's works, adaptations of
her books and the work of her contemporaries. Encompasses two
subgroups: Austen Criticism and Contemporaries which discusses
one author at a time.
The Calendars Behind Jane Austen's Novels
Detailed chronologies compiled by Ellen Moody. This site includes
calendars for all the novels. It also has
calendars for Lady Susan, The Watsons and Sanditon.
The Jane Austen Centre in Bath
The web site for the Jane Austen Center in Bath. A goood starting
point for tour of the city.
Chawton House Library
The ‘Great House’ at Chawton being restored to be the future
home of the Centre for the Study of Early English Women’s Writing (1600-1830).
Jane Austen's House Museum
The web site for Jane Austen's house in Chawton.
North Waltham, Steventon, Ashe & Deane History Society
The web site for the area historical society that includes Steventon,
where Jane Austen grew up. Includes a detailed guide to
Steventon Church with some great photographs.
Jane Austen in other languages
Austen All-in-One
Finnish Jane Austen discussion site.
Spanish language page, including a mail list.
Jane Austen Freunde
A German web page created by 83 German Jane Austen fans.
Strona Kazika - Jane Austen na ekranie
A Polish web page.
Jane Austen in Italy
An Italian web page that includes a mail list.
Jane Austen Italian Translations
A Work in progress translating Jane Austen into Italian.
A Dutch web page that includes background, news and a forum.
Jane Austen em Português

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