Quotes from Northanger Abbey which were puffed up into a Gothic cover blurb

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Below are the original quotes from Northanger Abbey which were "enhanced" when used as the cover blurb for the 1965 USA printing of Northanger Abbey which was marketed as a gothic novel (rather than a gothic parody) -- see the picture of the cover of this printing <JPEG> to compare the original and the blurb. (See also Henry Tilney's gothic parody, from the preceding chapter of Northanger Abbey.)

The only cliche that they failed to include on the cover is Jane Austen's name dripping red with blood! The inside blurb of this edition is also silly. By the way, you can't really see it in the JPEG, but the man on the cover has on a string tie (as was sometimes worn in the American South); neither that, nor anything else about the man's or the woman's clothes, suggests the clothing styles of the 1795-1820 period.

Chapter 21 (Chapter VI of Volume II):

"The wind roared down the chimney, the rain beat in torrents against the windows, and everything seemed to speak the awfulness of her situation. [...] The storm still raged, and various were the noises, more terrific even than the wind, which struck at intervals on her startled ear. The very curtains of her bed seemed at one moment in motion, and at another the lock of her door was agitated, as if by the attempt of somebody to enter. Hollow murmurs seemed to creep along the gallery, and more than once her blood was chilled by the sound of distant moans."
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