Westminster School

A Topographical and Statistical description of the County of Middlesex ,etc (1810) by George Alexander Cooke

This chapel he dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and appropriated solely to the use of the royal family for interment. This abbey he united, by the means of the pope's bu;1, with the collegiate church of St. Martin-le-grand, and endowed it with the manor of Tykill in Yorkshire; in addition to which he gave the further endowment of 5,0001. to the abbot. At the Dissolution this was surrendered to Henry VIII. by the abbot, whose name was Benson, and 17 of the monks, when it was found to possess revenues to the amount of 3,9/71. 6s. 4d. per annum. After this it was first erected by Henry into a college of secular canons, governed by a dean, which office he conferred upon the last abbot. The deanery however, soon exchanged, by Henry, for a bishop's see, of which he made Thomas Thirlby first bishop. This establishment was, however, again changed for the deanery, nine years afterwards, by Edward VI. and this again was transformed by Mary into the original conventual establishment, which gave place, in its turn, under Elizabeth, to a collegiate foandation, under the government of a dean, and 12 prebendaries. Elizabeth also established a school for 40 boys, hence called the Queen's.

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 Chapter 36 
"Upon my soul," he added, "I believe it is nothing more; and so I often tell my mother, when she is grieving about it. 'My dear madam,' I always say to her, 'you must make yourself easy. The evil is now irremediable, and it has been entirely your own doing. Why would you be persuaded by my uncle, Sir Robert, against your own judgment, to place Edward under private tuition, at the most critical time of his life? If you had only sent him to Westminster as well as myself, instead of sending him to Mr. Pratt's, all this would have been prevented.' This is the way in which I always consider the matter, and my mother is perfectly convinced of her error."

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