Sackville Street

A Topographical and Statistical description of the County of Middlesex ,etc (1810) by George Alexander Cooke

Returning from Albemarle Street to Piccadilly, which is said to have received this name from Piccadilla Hall, a large mansion, occupvjng the site of Sackville Street, we observe upon its north side Burlington House, the iirst good one erected in this street, and this situation chosen because, as its founder said," he was certain that no one would build beyond him."

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 Chapter 33 
After some opposition, Marianne yielded to her sister's entreaties, and consented to go out with her and Mrs. Jennings one morning for half an hour. She expressly conditioned, however, for paying no visits, and would do no more than accompany them to Gray's in Sackvill Street, where Elinor was carrying on a negociation for the exchange of a few old-fashioned jewels of her mother.

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