Bartletts Buildings, Holborn

A Topographical and Statistical description of the County of Middlesex ,etc (1810) by George Alexander Cooke

Proceeding northward alon? Chancery Lane, and crossing Holborn we arrive, through a narrow street, at Gray's Inn. This was originally the residence of the Lord Grays. Towards the latter end of the reign of Henry VII. it was purchased by Hugh Dennys, Esq. from whom, in the course vof eight years, it passed to the prior and convent of Sheene, by whom it was again disposed of, and became the property of the students of the law.

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 Chapter 32 
About this time, the two Miss Steeles, lately arrived at their cousin's house in Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn, presented themselves again before their more grand relations in Conduit and Berkeley Street; and were welcomed by them all with great cordiality.
 Chapter 40 
"Oh! very well," said Mrs. Jennings, rather disappointed. "Then you would not have me tell it Lucy, for I think of going as far as Holborn to-day."

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