Bond Street

A Topographical and Statistical description of the County of Middlesex ,etc (1810) by George Alexander Cooke

Entering Bond Street, famous for its shops and its loungers, we proceed through Bruton Street to Berkeley Square, and continuing to walk through Davies Street and Grosvenor Street enter Grosvenor Square, which is surrounded by extremely grand though not uniformly built houses .The centre of the square is occupied by a handsome shrubbery, neatly railed in and containing a gilt equestrian statue of George I. This square takes its name from Sir Richard Grosvenor, Bart, ancester of Earl Grosvenor who first projected it.

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 Chapter 20 
"Upon my honour I did. -- I met Colonel Brandon Monday morning in Bond Street, just before we left town, and he told me of it directly."
 Chapter 26 
Wherever they went, she was evidently always on the watch. In Bond Street especially, where much of their business lay, her eyes were in constant inquiry; and in whatever shop the party were engaged, her mind was equally abstracted from everything actually before them, from all that interested and occupied the others.
 Chapter 29 
Bond Street, January -- MY DEAR MADAM, -- I have just had the honour of receiving your letter, for which I beg to return my sincere acknowledgments.
 Chapter 31 
"I met Mrs. Jennings in Bond Street," said he, after the first salutation, "and she encouraged me to come on; and I was the more easily encouraged, because I thought it probable that I might find you alone, which I was very desirous of doing.
 Chapter 44 
I have entered many a shop to avoid your sight, as the carriage drove by. Lodging as I did in Bond Street, there was hardly a day in which I did not catch a glimpse of one or other of you; and nothing but the most constant watchfulness on my side, a most invariably prevailing desire to keep out of your sight, could have separated us so long. I avoided the Middletons as much as possible, as well as everybody else who was likely to prove an acquaintance in common.

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