Gracechurch Street

A Topographical and Statistical description of the County of Middlesex, etc (1810) by George Alexander Cooke

Gracechurch Street

Fish Hill Street leads into Gracechurch Street, upon the right side of which , near the corner of Fenchurch Street, stands the parish Church of St Benedict, which having suffered in the fire of 1666, was rebuilt in the year 1685…Gracechurch Street was originally, as Stow informs us, a grass market ; it appears however to have been the place of sale for various other articles.

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 Chapter 25 
And that is quite impossible; for he is now in the custody of his friend, and Mr. Darcy would no more suffer him to call on Jane in such a part of London! My dear aunt, how could you think of it? Mr. Darcy may, perhaps, have heard of such a place as Gracechurch Street, but he would hardly think a month's ablution enough to cleanse him from its impurities, were he once to enter it; and, depend upon it, Mr. Bingley never stirs without him.

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