Edward Street

A Topographical and Statistical description of the County of Middlesex, etc (1810) by George Alexander Cooke

Edward Street

Crossing Oxford Street, Holles Street lads us into Cavendish Square, which is spacious and well built, having a circular shrubbery, containing a gilt equestrian statue of William Duke of Cumberland enclosed in its centre. Wigmore Street branches off from the north-west angle of this square; it is a well built street inhabited by persons of the first fashion; in continuation of this is Edward Street from which a short avenue leads into Manchester Square.

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 Chapter 52 
There is a lady, it seems, a Mrs. Younge, who was some time ago governess to Miss Darcy, and was dismissed from her charge on some cause of disapprobation, though he did not say what. She then took a large house in Edward Street, and has since maintained herself by letting lodgings.

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