A Compendious Geographical Dictionary containing a Description of Every Remarkable Place in Europe, Africa, America and Asia ( 1813) by B.P Capper

Trafalgar: a cape or promontory in Andalusia, at the entrance of the Straights of Gibraltar, 30 miles East South East of Cadiz; memorable in history for the battle gained over the combined fleets of France and Spain, on 21st October 1805 and the death of Admiral Lord Nelson.

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 Chapter 3 
"And who is Admiral Croft?" was Sir Walter's cold suspicious inquiry.

Mr. Shepherd answered for his being of a gentleman's family, and mentioned a place; and Anne, after the little pause which followed, added --

"He is rear admiral of the white. He was in the Trafalgar action, and has been in the East Indies since; he has been stationed there, I believe, several years."

"Then I take it for granted," observed Sir Walter, "that his face is about as orange as the cuffs and capes of my livery."


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