The Modern and Authentic System of Universal Geography containing and accurate and Entertaining Description of Europe, Asia, Africa and America etc ( 1807) by George Alexander Cooke


The Province of Estremadura is bounded on the west by the sea, on the north and east by Beira, and on the south by Alentejo. It is one hundred and twenty miles long, sixty broad, well watered, and fertile producing corn, wine, oil, millet ,pulse and fruits of all sorts, especially citrons, lemons, oranges, pomegranates, figs, dates and almonds. The principal places are, the city of Lisbon standing near the mouth of the river Tagus, which first became considerable in the reign of king Emmanuel. From that time it has been the capital of the kingdom ,the residence of its monarchs, the seat of he chief tribunals and offices of the metropolitan, a noble university and the recepticle of the richest merchandize of the East and West Indies. It situation (rising from the Tagus in the from of a crescent) renders its appearance at once delightful and superb: and it is deservedly accounted the greatest port in Europe, next to London and Amsterdam. The harbour is spacious and secure; and the city is guarded from any sudden attack towards the sea by forts; though they would make but a poor defence against ships of war.

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 Chapter 8 
The Admiral, after taking two or three refreshing turns about the room with his hands behind him, being called to order by his wife, now came up to Captain Wentworth, and without any observation of what he might be interrupting, thinking only of his own thoughts, began with -- "If you had been a week later at Lisbon, last spring, Frederick, you would have been asked to give a passage to Lady Mary Grierson and her daughters."

"Should I? I am glad I was not a week later then."

 Chapter 8 
"What a great traveller you must have been, ma'am!" said Mrs. Musgrove to Mrs. Croft.

"Pretty well, ma'am, in the fifteen years of my marriage; though many women have done more. I have crossed the Atlantic four times, and have been once to the East Indies and back again, and only once; besides being in different places about home: Cork, and Lisbon, and Gibraltar. But I never went beyond the Streights, and never was in the West Indies. We do not call Bermuda or Bahama, you know, the West Indies."


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