Lydia's Lament
(To the tune of "On Broadway")
Written by Debra R

Our dear militia's off to camp
In Brighton
(In Brighton…)
And Meryton will never be the same.
But how's a poor young girl to go,
When mean papa says No No No!
And all my charms I'll never show
In Brighton.

They say the balls are really hot
In Brighton
(In Brighton…)
The red coats glow like lobsters in the sun.
Oh! How am I to get a chance
To go down to the beach and dance,
And flirt with everything in pants
In Brighton.

I thought that I would never bathe
In Brighton.
(In Brighton…)
But daddy finally let me wear him down
Yes it's all good - the world's my oyster!
Thanks to ditzy little Mrs. Forster!
I'll leave this boring country cloister for

- Republic of Pemberley -

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