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<img src="/emote/odorous.gif" width=104 height=70 alt="Comparisons are odorous">
<img src="/emote/exit.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="Exit, pursued by a bear">
<img src="/emote/goats.gif" width=104 height=70 alt="Goats and monkeys!">
<img src="/emote/readread.gif" width=104 height=70 alt="here, read, read">
<img src="/emote/bowstrings.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="Hold, or cut bowstrings">
<img src="/emote/mybook.gif" width=70 height=85 alt="I'll to my book">
<img src="/emote/mad.gif" width=100 height=108 alt="Mad, and sent to England">
<img src="/emote/muse.gif" width=70 height=85 alt="O! for a Muse">
<img src="/emote/heresy.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="O, I have read it: it is heresy">
<img src="/emote/reserve.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="Reserve thy judgement">
<img src="/emote/thinking.gif" width=70 height=85 alt="Thinking makes it so">
<img src="/emote/bound.gif" width=100 height=130 alt="Was ever book containing such vile matter so fairly bound?">
<img src="/emote/willread.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="We will read it, I swear">

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