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<img src="/emote/burst.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="An extraordinary burst of mind">
<img src="/emote/anyuse.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="Can I be of any use?">
<img src="/emote/gossip.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="Delicious gossip">
<img src="/emote/head.gif" width=104 height=70 alt="Do tell me how it first came into your head">
<img src="/emote/fineword.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Fine words">
<img src="/emote/gout.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="Gout and decrepitude!">
<img src="/emote/litmerc.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Have a little mercy">
<img src="/emote/amiss.gif" width=85 height=63 alt="Have I said something amiss?">
<img src="/emote/onotdnot.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="He ought not, he does not">
<img src="/emote/forbath.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="I am for... Bath">
<img src="/emote/halfag.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="I am half agony...">
<img src="/emote/nowpers.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="I am now persuaded">
<img src="/emote/illtoday.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="I am very ill today">
<img src="/emote/hardknow.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="I hardly know">
<img src="/emote/enjoyed.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="I have enjoyed our debates">
<img src="/emote/indig.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="I love your indignation">
<img src="/emote/presume.gif" width=70 height=85 alt="I presume to observe">
<img src="/emote/ownname.gif" width=70 height=104 alt="I shall forget my own name soon, I suppose">
<img src="/emote/proficient.gif" width=70 height=104 alt="I should be sorry to be examined by a real proficient">
<img src="/emote/verydiff.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="I think very differently">
<img src="/emote/mybook.gif" width=70 height=85 alt="I'll to my book">
<img src="/emote/elliot.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="It is the Elliot way">
<img src="/emote/anotherwar.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="It seems there is to be another war">
<img src="/emote/joy.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="Joy, senseless joy!">
<img src="/emote/thatpost.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="My dear admiral, that post!">
<img src="/emote/capable.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="None so capable as Anne">
<img src="/emote/finery.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="nothing to report but of lace and finery">
<img src="/emote/hearing.gif" width=85 height=70 alt="Only give me a hearing">
<img src="/emote/phoo.gif" width=70 height=70 alt="phoo! phoo!">
<img src="/emote/retrench.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Retrench!">
<img src="/emote/notlate.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Tell me that I am not too late">
<img src="/emote/severe.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="This is being severe indeed!">
<img src="/emote/flattery.gif" width=70 height=70 alt="This is too much flattery">
<img src="/emote/impertinent.gif" width=70 height=104 alt="Though you may think me impertinent">
<img src="/emote/scrawl.gif" width=85 height=70 alt="Three lines of scrawl">
<img src="/emote/excellent.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="Too excellent creature">
<img src="/emote/true.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="True, upon my honour!">
<img src="/emote/neveragree.gif" width=100 height=100 alt="We shall never agree on this question">
<img src="/emote/misapp.gif" width=100 height=100 alt="Why does the whole town suffer this dreadful misapprehension?">
<img src="/emote/yesyes.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="Yes, yes, I understand you">
<img src="/emote/pircsoul.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="You pierce my soul">
<img src="/emote/rallyag.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="You shall rally again">

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