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<img src="/emote/cleangown.gif" width=100 height=117 alt="A clean gown has not five minutes wear in an open carriage">
<img src="/emote/niceword.gif" width=75 height=79 alt="A nice word indeed">
<img src="/emote/alas.gif" width=70 height=70 alt="Alas, alas">
<img src="/emote/horrors.gif" width=85 height=70 alt="All the horrors">
<img src="/emote/bravo.gif" width=104 height=70 alt="Bravo">
<img src="/emote/horrid.gif" width=70 height=70 alt="But are they all horrid?">
<img src="/emote/stout.gif" width=85 height=70 alt="Have you a stout heart?">
<img src="/emote/hat.gif" width=70 height=85 alt="His hat sat so well">
<img src="/emote/oldfash.gif" width=70 height=85 alt="How old fashioned it is">
<img src="/emote/provoking.gif" width=85 height=70 alt="How very provoking">
<img src="/emote/fray.gif" width=70 height=70 alt="I am afraid it will fray">
<img src="/emote/unintell.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="I cannot speak well enough to be unintelligible">
<img src="/emote/dirt.gif" width=85 height=70 alt="I never mind dirt">
<img src="/emote/general.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="I really have not patience with the General">
<img src="/emote/seldom.gif" width=104 height=70 alt="I seldom look into novels">
<img src="/emote/courage.gif" width=85 height=70 alt="I shall proceed with courage">
<img src="/emote/partner.gif" width=70 height=85 alt="I wish you could get a partner">
<img src="/emote/signify.gif" width=104 height=70 alt="It does not signify">
<img src="/emote/muslin.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="It is such delicate muslin">
<img src="/emote/ladytaste.gif" width=85 height=70 alt="It waits only for a lady's taste">
<img src="/emote/uncomfortable.gif" width=100height=92 alt="It is very uncomfortable indeed">
<img src="/emote/morenice.gif" width=70 height=70 alt="More nice than wise">
<img src="/emote/mutual.gif" width=104 height=70 alt="Mutual agreeableness">
<img src="/emote/tumble.gif" width=70 height=104 alt="My dear you tumble my gown">
<img src="/emote/smirk.gif" width=70 height=104 alt="Now I must give you one smirk">
<img src="/emote/really.gif" width=85 height=70 alt="Really!">
<img src="/emote/remcountry.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="Remember the country...">
<img src="/emote/ought.gif" width=90 height=83 alt="Shall I tell you what you ought to say?">
<img src="/emote/security.gif" width=85 height=70 alt="Security worth having">
<img src="/emote/disagreeable.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="That is very disagreeable">
<img src="/emote/amused.gif" width=70 height=70 alt="Too much amused">
<img src="/emote/soul.gif" width=104 height=70 alt="Upon my soul">
<img src="/emote/wellwhat.gif" width=70 height=70 alt="Well, what then?">
<img src="/emote/judging.gif" width=85 height=70 alt="What have you been judging from?">
<img src="/emote/whatidea.gif" width=104 height=70 alt="What ideas have you been admitting?">
<img src="/emote/agreeable.gif" width=85 height=70 alt="Very agreeable">
<img src="/emote/oddest.gif" width=70 height=70 alt="You are the oddest creature">

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