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<img src="/emote/sttt.gif" width=122 height=100 alt="Another foolish slave to the text">
<img src="/emote/tableq.gif" width=70 height=88 alt="Another table question">
<img src="/emote/besogoo.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Be so good as to...">
<img src="/emote/begto.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Beg to differ">
<a href="/faq.html"><img src="/emote/hiefaq.gif" width=70 height=86 border=0></a>
<a href="/faq.html"><img src="/images/tofaq.gif" width=98 height=44 border=0></a>
<img src="/emote/howint.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="How interesting">
<img src="/emote/ibegyou.gif" width=53 height=83 alt="I beg you">
<img src="/emote/renovate.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="Never renovate Jane">
<img src="/emote/noindeed.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="No indeed">
<img src="/emote/notatall.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Not at all">
<img src="/emote/ohdear.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Oh dear">
<img src="/emote/oops.gif" width=150 height=78>
<img src="/emote/smoothan.gif" width=130 height=83>
<img src="/emote/snip_01.gif" width=100 height=75>
<img src="/emote/snip_02.gif" width=100 height=75>
<img src="/emote/snip_03.gif" width=100 height=75>
<img src="/emote/snip_04.gif" width=100 height=75>
<a href="/faq.html#snip"><img src="/emote/seize.gif" width=93 height=86 border=0></a>
<img src="/emote/2cents.gif" width=70 height=64>
<img src="/emote/whenry.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Oh! what a Henry">
<img src="/emote/pubandb.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Publish & Be Dammned">
<img src="/emote/quiteso.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Quite so">
<img src="/emote/wink.gif" width=88 height=97 alt="Silly regency wink">

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