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<img src="/emote/abuse.gif" width=70 height=85 alt="Abuse everybody but me">
<img src="/emote/facts.gif" width=70 height=70 alt="Facts shall satisfy me">
<img src="/emote/legsshort.gif" width=70 height=104 alt="His legs are too short and his tail is too long">
<img src="/emote/corrupted.gif" width=104 height=70 alt="I begin already to find my morals corrupted">
<img src="/emote/hang.gif" width=70 height=85 alt="I hope I have no reason to hang myself">
<img src="/emote/diffuse.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="I shall not be very diffuse in this">
<img src="/emote/severelytr.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="In general, very poorly treated by historians">
<img src="/emote/flow.gif" width=70 height=70 alt="My tears flow">
<img src="/emote/slightsk.gif" width=100 height=92 alt="Only a slight sketch">
<img src="/emote/wicked.gif" width=104 height=70 alt="Pictures of perfection make me sick & wicked">
<img src="/emote/funnyone.gif" width=85 height=71 alt="She is a funny one">
<img src="/emote/wherebegin.gif" width=70 height=70 alt="Where shall I begin?">

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