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<img src="/emote/quiteriddle.jpg" width=100 height=92 alt="A riddle, quite a riddle">
<img src="/emote/steadyreflection_book.jpg" width=100 height=92 alt="After steady reflection">
<img src="/emote/clevercreature_book.jpg" width=100 height=92 alt="Ah, you clever creature">
<img src="/emote/baddone.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Badly done!">
<img src="/emote/notbeat.jpg" width=100 height=92 alt="Do not beat me">
<img src="/emote/everfeat.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Every feature works">
<img src="/emote/feelrevo.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Every feeling revolts!">
<img src="/emote/hownicely_book.jpg" width=100 height=92 alt="How nicely you talk">
<img src="/emote/busyimag_book.jpg" width=100 height=92 alt="How busy their imaginations all are">
<img src="/emote/cannotspeech.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="I cannot make speeches">
<img src="/emote/piecnews.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="I have a piece of news for you">
<img src="/emote/onlyposs.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="I name only possibilities">
<img src="/emote/illhum.gif" width=70 height=104 alt="I will keep my ill humor to myself">
<img src="/emote/talkingof_book.jpg" width=100 height=92 alt="It does not bear talking of">
<img src="/emote/notrealy.gif" width=70 height=105 alt="Not really so much brother and sister">
<img src="/emote/ohareyou.jpg" width=100 height=92 alt="Oh! Are you there?">
<img src="/emote/pork.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Pork!">
<img src="/emote/tootrue.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="Too true for contradiction">
<img src="/emote/whatidea_book.jpg" width=100 height=92 alt="What an idea!">
<img src="/emote/whydidnt.gif" width=70 height=97 alt="Why didn't you ask me to contribute?">
<img src="/emote/diveraga.gif" width=70 height=71 alt="You divert me against my conscience">
<img src="/emote/mythoughts_book.jpg" width=100 height=92 alt="You have my thoughts exactly as they arise">

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