Mother in Law

By Lucie

Darcy was awakened by the strident voice of his Mother-in-law in the corridor outside their bedroom door.

"Girls, girls, make haste make haste, we must finish breakfast so that we can finish plans for tonight's dinner party.

The Bennet family had come en-masse to see their new grandchild, Charles Bingley the second and after a fortnight with the Bingleys were here at Pemberley for a sennight's visit to them before returning to Longbourn.

Charles and Jane and young Bingley, two months old now, had accompanied them to Pemberley as Elizabeth needed support from them to cope with her Mother, who was full of advice on how to run such a great house and how to handle such an army of servants.

Aunt and Uncle Gardiner had been persuaded to bring their children and come for a welcome visit also, which served as a buffer between Elizabeth and her mother's unwanted advice and her interference with the running of the house, which if she had taken the time to observe was handled very well by her daughter, but Mrs. Bennet was not what one would call and observant woman.

Darcy looked lovingly at his lovely wife, coming awake as she always did with a slow languorous stretch of both arms and legs and making soft purring sounds. He had teased her since their first night together that she woke like one of the barn cats, stretching and purring contentedly. She now opened one eye and groaned, "I hear Mama is awake and making sure that the whole household is also."

"Come, my love, your Mother has great plans and we must make sure that we are privy to them" he laughed and gave her a smack on the rump as he sat on the side of the bed.

"Ouch," laughed Elizabeth, smacking him on the head with her pillow knocking him to the floor. Jumping up and back into the bed he grabbed his own pillow and swung it wildly at her, but she dived under it and tackled him backward onto the bed giggling and pouncing on him, kissing him softly saying, "Mama will have to wait."

"Do you mean that you intend to seduce me here with your mother under our roof," he said in mock consternation."

"Yes," she replied, pertly, then softly, "yes" as she kissed him again, and with a whisper, "yes" with an ardent kiss.

When they entered the breakfast room an hour and a half later, Mrs. Bennet said to them "Well, so you two decided to wake up at last, I had thought you were going to spend the entire day in bed."

Elizabeth had all she could do to maintain her countenance as her husband whispered, "I had thought we might do just that."

© 1997 Copyright held by the author.