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GR - first impressions   Written by LaurieC (4/22/2003 7:16 p.m.) in consequence of the missive, GR: Understanding General Tilney, penned by Linda Fern
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Linda, what an interesting and perceptive post. Thank you!

And now I will confess that when I *first* read NA, I thought General Tilney was after young Catherine, and that his increasingly irritating behavior was due to his realization that she was oblivious to his charms. I like your welll-researched explanation better!

Was anyone else misled by the General's attentions to Catherine? I didn't pick up on the fact that he may have been "courting" her on his son's behalf. I found his behavior very troubling on a number of levels, and was relieved that I had been mistaken. Even after several readings, I still find him rather creepy...

~~whose imagination is as horrid as Catherine's

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