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Not sure of the date..   Written by Rachel G (4/25/2008 5:55 a.m.) in consequence of the missive, For Rachel G, penned by Katharine S
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The book which I copied the illustration of the butcher's shop from is as follows:

"The Natural History of Selborne" by Gilbert White.

Edited by Grant Allen. Illustrated by Edmund H New.

Published in London by The Bodley Head Ltd.

There is no publication date given as we would find in a modern book, but the dedication page reads "To A.E.L. in commemoration of August 13 1898. This edition is dedicated by the Publisher."

This is a cloth-bound hardback book, well thumbed, which contains over 100 illustrations and maps , as well as 72 illustrations of birds. I inherited it from my father, who loved to poke about for treasures in secondhand bookshops. There appear to be copies of various editions containing New's illustrations for sale online at quite reasonable prices.

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