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This simple search finds the messages currently on the boards at Pemberley whose title information (i.e. subject, author, and date) contains specified keywords in a search pattern. NOTE: The messages themselves are not searched, only the board indexes, so that keywords which are contained only in the body of a message, but not in the subject etc., will not be found! Message board archive indexes are also not searched.

The search is done by "Whole word" matching, so that the keywords must occur as separate and complete words in a file for a match to occur, and suffixed forms of words (noun plurals, etc.) must be searched for separately. However, you can find all occurrences of words beginning with a certain sequence of letters by ending a keyword with the special "*" wildcard character (so that using the search keyword "hat*" will find files that contain any of the words "hat", "hats", hatred", etc.).

If more than one keyword is entered into a form field (box) above, then there is a choice between finding a file if it contains any of the keywords in the search pattern (i.e. a logical "OR" search); or finding a file only if contain all of the keywords, in the order specified in the search pattern (i.e. a phrase search). All punctuation is ignored in both the search pattern and the text being searched (with limited exceptions mentioned below).

If additional keyword(s) are entered into the second, optional, form field, then only files which satisfy both search patterns are returned (i.e. a logical "AND" is done with the two search patterns taken as a whole).

Technical details of search keyword format:
Keywords are considered to be sequences of alphanumeric characters or ampersands in the input string, possibly with embedded hyphens, and possibly ending with an asterisk (all other non-alphanumeric characters are ignored, except that they serve to separate keywords; and any alphanumeric characters that occur after an asterisk character in a search keyword will also be ignored). Hyphens act as in the Jane Austen novel keyword search, but in this case neighboring words will only be found if they are separated by a single space in the text (unlike adjoining keywords in a phrase search, which will match despite any intervening punctuation in the text). All searching is done in a case-insensitive way.

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